Your drawings are not oriented around a theme or any other specific problem of form, yet they search for an atmosphere to which form and content submit themselves. Even the pre-established images – Orixás, Madonnas, bailarinas, sports stars – when they appear, are never linked to any ideology. These images enter in the composition only as a pretext, as one more item in the drawing. It is from the development of casual associations that comes the appearance of obeying to involuntary memories, in the way to think about colors, or making poetic use of a metaphor that appears by chance, which creates the exact atmosphere desired, always unforeseeable.

Although there is a diversity of topics presented, it is the multiplicity of images of the world that seem to motivate the artist, by intensifying the pictorial content of each work. Mazzoni achieves a unit that comes from the coherence of the pure forms without objective in respect to composition, to molding, to the support and to the various techniques which he has at hand. This coherence is the guarantee of the content of his painting.

Matilde Matos • (ABCA e AICA)







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